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H1Z1 Beta Preview H1Z1 Beta Preview Windows XP/7/8/10 Torrent

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What H1Z1 after another zombie game? For starters, there is no plan to compete daiza protected environment survival. Para H1Z1 began only at the time of access, so that the fans finally get their sleeves to become part of a sub-genre of people. in their new products.

VS in a hostile world .ZOMBIES are very active and agile than expected. If you do not have to stop work. Two zombies in trouble begins. Did you find a weapon? Great, but you are surrounded by five or six months, and to help other players, no matter how well you’re armed, you have everything to lose. Even if you manage to catch the dead also H1Z1 must be a dangerous game. rabbits or deer hunting bears and wolves can be dangerous. Be careful when you explore the woods! How can you survive on their own and there are so many zombie you follow? Cooperation with other players is important. Daiza serious man enemy, while H1Z1, almost always, the enemy will be forced to turn around and work closely with the other players.

United against zombies. Of course, our first program group will meet orders. In this sense, the hand (or “craft”) H1Z1 are important. abandoned cars or houses, the most important or worthwhile, even if you save objects such as electricity, construction elements is essential for survival only if they build themselves .. houses, fortifications, you can build a grill, metal in this way you will be prepared on the counter-attack of zombies. But try not to focus too much emphasis on H1Z1 in cooperation with the bandits, but I do not get tired of exploring the game world. And the big map, like the army is full of faults,

Good start in .H1Z1 long way to much access to content and will be updated frequently with new bugs fiked, or that there is additional. Fans are already looking, for example, control of the vehicle, such as helicopters, you’re already tired of Daiz, H1Z1 enough value, see: zombies agile animals, build partnerships, but the athletic footwear before you start a new game. You have to run a lot.

H1Z1 Beta Preview

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