We offer an indelible opportunity for an aspiring potter to learn the ins and outs of running a ceramic studio, teaching ceramic techniques, firing, and generally living a life of clay.

Qualification –

An individual with at least a basis of experience in ceramics interested in pursuing his/her own knowledge in making, firing, and running a studio.

Intern will commit to offering approximately 12-15 hours per week of assistance in the studio, in exchange for approximately the same number of hours of free studio usage.

Application Procedure –

Please email a letter of interest, stating your qualifications and desire to become a studio intern and include 2 references and emails addresses and a letter from your institute/ college to email id

" No of seats available are 5 " And selection will be finalised after clearing the interview.

Word from Ceramic Artist

It is my responsibility to offer a mentoring environment that teaches the practical & creative skills of running a studio. I work closely with the intern on a daily and I include them in many aspects of my work.

My intention is to allow the interns to take on added responsibilities as their skills grow and make use of the interns skill in a structured studio environment.


Signature of Meenakshi Rajendra)