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Frog Family | Maati Srijan
Pic 2 Frog Family Rs 1250 Set of 5

Frog Family


Frog Family                                                                                                             Colour – Brown

Product Story
Description – Decorative Pieces for the corner of your Drawing Room or any corner
that needs to be enhanced.

Craft –Hand thrown artisanal stoneware and wood fired. In wood firing kiln is fueled
with firewood, in contrast to the electric or gas fuel. A continuous supply of fuel is
needed for firing. Burning wood not only produces heat of up to 1400degree Celsius, it
also produces fly ash and volatile salts. Wood ash settles on the pieces during the
firing, and the complex interaction between flame, ash, and the minerals of the clay
body forms a natural ash glaze. This glaze shows great variation in color, texture, and
thickness, ranging from smooth and glossy to rough and sharp.

Dimensions & Care-
Dimension – Bigger to smaller Height – 2.5”, 2”, 1.5”,1.5”, 1“

Product Care for Stoneware: Clean the pieces with dry cloth. Don’t use water.

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