Happy Days Ceramic Necklace
Happy Days Ceramic Necklace

Happy Days Ceramic Necklace


Happy Days Ceramic Necklace                     Color – Multicolor Pendant with Red Thread
Product Story

Description –
The earliest examples of Stoneware have been dated to 1900 BC in the Indus Valley Civilisation. An Industry of a nearly industrial-scale mass-production of stoneware bangles flourished in the Indus Valley throughout the civilization’s Mature Period (2600-1900 BCE).

Craft –
Hand crafted artisanal stoneware. Decorated with Slip Work technique.

Dimensions & Care –
Dimensions – Pendant size Height 5.5 cm, Total Length 13”

Product Care –
Use water damp cloth to clean the dust from pendant or clean the piece either with soft dry cloth.

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